About Over Exposures

Over Exposures is Albany’s Premiere Aerial Cinematography Company

In addition to being a career video Producer/Editor, Robert Bengraff has been a drone pilot and Aerial Cinematographer many years before it was mainstream. In fact he has been piloting remote quadcopters and other UAVs since they began entering the market.  Over the years he has been hired to capture aerial sequences for a diverse clientele including Hollywood.  His work has appeared globally both on television and in theaters as well as countless industrial projects.

What differentiates Robert from everyone else that happens to own a drone, is his 30-plus years of video production, editing, and color grading background.  As a career editor he understands the importance of always providing the Director with shots where composition has been taken into consideration, as well as to use the aerial platform and piloting skills to do close “proximity-flying" when safe, or to achieve Steadicam-like moves by flying the camera more like a jib or crane where budgets or locations would not ordinarily allow. 

Speaking of locations, some of the best happen to be located in FAA controlled airspace.  As an FAA certified operator being able to contact Air Traffic Control and acquire a waiver means your production can legally operate and be insured in locations that many cinematography companies simply can't offer legally.

Below is a small sample of footage that ranges from traditional "we need you to fly over stuff" to "Is there anyway to chase this vehicle or crane up to our actors on the bridge above?"  If this style seems right for your production, please contact him to discuss your vision.